Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Always Back the Other Guy Against A Communist

This is it. Hopefully my fellow citizens don't force me to question my faith in Democracy today, but seriously, if we elect Obama, the electorate is too dumb to be free. There's nothing as tragic as a people willingly shackling themselves. If only Parliament knew that all they had to do was bribe the colonies with other people's money and we'd dance our way willingly into subjugation. We'd even call it "salvation". McCain may be an awful candidate, but he fits my general rule of thumb: Always back the other guy against a communist.


W.L. Mackenzie Redux said...

Hi. Canadian here...just a few comments for my American cousins on this day of mixed blessings.

Obama's election tells us that flash over substance still sells in the political game.

Obama will have to distance himself from his past radical associations and notions or he will face revolt.

No one in the newer generation of voters (not even those who voted McCain) believed Obama to be a doctrinaire communist (although he was/is) this tells us we have not learned the lessons of history or we have had them erased by partisan media propaganda.

Central plannin (a core element of communist rule) has been prevalent in the US since FDR it's been accepted as a norm, and until the predictions of Von Mises kick in the doors of the middle class and nationalize their wealth, they will not acct it as a "bad thing".

Bottom line:
Obama cannot do what he wants to. He connot deliver the "hope" promised to his supporters.

His freeloader constituency will turn on him when he fails to steal middle class wealth and shower it on the inner city welfare plantation and other non productive sectors of his following....and the soft support from middle class will evaporate when he fails to control the mercantilist monetarism and banker welfare that has created the credit meltdown and stagflation.

Betrayed worshppers make an angry lynch mob for failed messiahs.

Only a 4 year term.

A Missourian said...

I pray you're correct, but there is a lot of irreversible damage he can do in the 2 definite years he has a large Democrat majority. Once we socialize medicine, there's no going back.