Wednesday, June 11, 2008

If I Vote For Him, It Will Kill A Part of Me

Leave it to the Republican party to give us a candidate like John McCain at this pivotal point in the history of our country. The Democrats are running LBJ without the commitment to national security and conservatives have been saddled with a candidate who abhors both conservatism and conservatives. He's Nixon without the paranoia at a time when our side needs to be pretty damn paranoid.

The only person who could ever convince me to vote for John McCain is Barack Obama, and every time I think he's done it, McCain has to open his mouth and remind me why, on principle, I can't vote for him. Take his attack on big business yesterday. There is really nothing wrong with shareholders approving CEO pay and severance packages, but I'd like to remind Mr. McCain that its NONE OF HIS DAMN BUSINESS HOW MUCH CORPORATIONS CHOOSE TO REWARD THEIR CEOS. Corporations, like individuals, should be allowed to sink or swim on their own. If they want to pay 40 million to a guy who's run the company into the ground, its their problem. This is public information, and the public can dump their stock in inept company A and buy stock in well run company B. That's how the free market works Senator. Reagan conservative, my ass. Further more, if say, Exxon Mobile wants to send off a CEO with a golden parachute, who is John McCain to say it isn't right? Can he run a multi billion dollar oil company? Does he know what it entails and how someone who can do it should be compensated? If McCain is elected, why don't we just follow the lead of Maxine Waters and nationalize the oil companies. Then we'll see how well McCain and the economic dunces in Washington can supply a commodity that is vital to American prosperity. I'm curious to see who they'll blame when prices skyrocket.

You're losing me Senator, and its not just Eric and his little blog you're losing. There are millions like me who aren't going to vote for this progressive B.S., no matter how you label yourself.

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