Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Obama Finds Jesus, Says He's Great

Obama is not who he is presenting himself as. I know all politicians move toward the center after the primaries, but Obama's newfound respect for the Christian faith is ridiculous given his previous statements of contempt for people of faith. Obama is a TEXTBOOK liberal straight out of the 1930s. He's a socialist, he's a statist, and he has a marxist view of religion. Fine, great, if that works for you, go for it. What downright offends me is when he's disingenuous and represents himself as someone he's not. If you think people "cling" to religion out of prejudice, or irrationality, or fear of brown people and change, fine, we can debate that, but don't insult my intelligence by trying to cozy up to James Dobson. Kudos to you Mr. Dobson for calling him out and pointing out his bastardization of the scripture. Leftists using scripture to justify their convictions bothers me to no end because the real secular leftists have no convictions about scripture. They see the Bible as just an old collection of myths, just an "opiate of the masses". Obama's contention that the Sermon on the Mount condemns the Defense Department is ludicrous. If Obama had learned anything in church besides "Whitey = Satan" maybe he'd understand that the Sermon on the Mount condemns the entire world as sinful because none of us can live up to its ideals. Thank God the Defense Department understands that the world isn't filled with nations concerned with blessing the meek or peacemaking. Its filled with Kim Jong Ils and Mahmoud Ahmadinejads. The Bible says there can't be a Heaven on Earth until Christ's return, so stop using it to justify your attempts at a leftist utopia. Don't sit there and pretend to have common cause with evangelicals when we know full damn well what the "liberation theology" taught at Trinity United is all about. I'm going to go more in depth on this as the campaign continues.

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