Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Judas Was CEO Of An Oil Company

From the Corner:

"How amusing is it that, in the wake of Sarah's hilarious take-down of community organizers, Obama supporters are passing around emails that say, 'Jesus was a community organizer, Pontius Pilate was a governor'? So Obama really does have a Messiah Complex!"

Obama just keeps stepping in it. First of all, who is this message geared toward? Obama's hard core supporters are committed leftists and therefore see people of faith as buffoons. This line may make them chuckle, but deep down they'll be irritated that Obama has to deign to appeal to these inbred hicks clinging to "God and guns". (Two things I beleive most people would be well served to rely on. The founders couldn't have been wrong about everything, could they Barry?) So is this supposed to be aimed at evangelicals, who are overwhelmingly right of center? If so, then Barry's campaign fundamentally missunderstands the Christian faith. Jesus Christ was only a "community organizer" to secualar socialists who have been trying to bend His ministry on Earth into an example of proto-Marxian communalism for over a century. To evangelicals, He wasn't a "community organizer", He was the Son of God and a carpenter, and any politician who seeks to compare himself to Christ is committing a terrible blastphamy.

As much as Barry fancies himself a "man of faith", he has little to no understanding of the American evangelical community. It bears little resemblence to Trinity United Barry, and Christians of all denominations frown upon self deification. Like it or not, you're not infallible. You're not even mildly well informed.

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