Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Free British Columbia!

Do you find yourself looking for a cause, but Tibet is so far away? Well don't look so mopey, people are being oppressed right in our own back yard! That's right, the teaming masses in Canada are yearning to be free, and you can help! Better yet, you can actually do something worthwhile instead of some worthless chic gesture that does nothing to free people from Communist domination. Just check out my new "Canadian Dissidents" links. These fine people are dedicated to freeing Canada, and some are being sued or hauled off to court themselves for either being conservative or speaking the truth (like there's a difference). You can donate some of that "discretionary income" Obama's eying so greedily and donate it to their legal defense funds, because lets face it, blogging ain't easy. So instead of spending that $5.50 on posterboard for a "Free Tibet" sign that a ChiCom would probably just take from you and beat you with anyway, put it to good use and send it to outlawed Jew Ezra Levant, or women's blogging rights advocate Kathy Shaidle, (among others) and fight for a freer tomorrow!

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