Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bizzaro St. Louis

I was screwing around in Time Magazine's online archives and found this little nugget from the April 17th 1933 issue:

"Last week for the first time in 24 years, St. Louisans elected a Democratic Mayor. Victorious candidate was Bernard Francis Dickmann, 44, bachelor realtor. A grey-haired, ruddy-faced, wisecracking good-timer. Mayor-elect Dickmann is president of the City Real Estate Exchange. A party worker for 20 years, he had never before run for office."

St. Louis, like any other city in America, has been under Democratic control for at least a generation, but having lived in the area my entire life I really can't imagine it being any other way. This really blew my mind:

"The St. Louis Democracy's (I hope they mean "Democrat's") victory, an echo from last November, was far from complete. Republican Louis Nolte was re-elected city comptroller for the fifth time. Republicans retained a majority on the board of aldermen"

Maybe someday, we can win it back. Maybe Osama Bin Laden will move to San Fransisco and Marry Ariel Sharon's comatose body. Anything's possible.

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