Thursday, August 7, 2008

America's Daughters Look Disgusted

In an update to the "Proof that there is a God" file, Nancy Pelosi has sold 2,737 copies of her new book "Plastic Smile: Diary of a Wackjob"- er, I mean "Know Your Power: A Message To America's Daughters". Had I a daughter, I believe the last person I'd want sending her messages would be Nancy Pelosi, who despite becoming the first female Speaker of the House, managed to set the woman's rights movement back about a decade by bringing her 6 grandchildren up to the Speaker's podium while the House was in session. Thus she justified the fears of any man who believes that women aren't serious enough to govern the most powerful country on Earth.

Let's think about this for a second. How many real, radical, man hating, feminists are there in America? A million? Half a million? One Hundred Thousand? Ten Thousand? Certainly more than 2,737. They don't even want to touch this crap. With the approval rating of Congress mired in the teens, its clear that even liberal democrats aren't happy with Speaker Pelosi. This all ties back into the current furor over Barry Obama. Black voters need to understand something, you want the first black President to be competent. When Barry is elected and the 2nd term of the Carter administration begins, many people's stereotypes about blacks will be confirmed in their minds, just as Nancy Pelosi has made women look like imbeciles. You don't want a President who says there are 57 States, or - as I fear most about a black President - thinks all "typical white" people are inherently racist.

On one hand, if Obama is elected, we'll get this whole "will there ever be a black President" thing out of the bloody way. On the other hand, if Obama is elected, the next black President may be a long time coming.


kentj [@] gmail [.] com said...

Excuse me. About those 57 states... You don't realize that Obama was joking? Don't you notice that the audience in the clip recognizes his little witticism? Or did you think his joke was so funny you just had to share it? Or are you insinuating that Obama wouldn't know a fact that most first graders know?

You do realize that Obama is a self-made man who worked his way from a working class childhood in a single-parent home all the way to the U.S. Senate? He's served as president of the Harvard Law Review and graduated with a J.D. magna cum laude from Harvard in 1991. He's one of the country's leading experts in constitutional law and currently stands a higher chance than his opponent to be the next President Of The United States.

Even if you oppose his policies, the man deserves some respect.

Is this what our elections have become? Little civil wars where we have to destroy the personal dignity of the other side's nominee even over the stupidest, most trivial little made-up issues?

If you oppose him on issues, then oppose him on issues. We don't have to SLANDER each other to win, do we? Ultimately, all Americans are on the same team, aren't we?

A Missourian said...

Wasn't a joke according to Snopes Kent. And from what I've heard Barry say about his Presidency, I think he understands little about the Constitution. If you have any other examples of me SLANDERING Barry, fire away. You'll notice I don't drone on about how he's secretly a muslim. I just stick to verifiable facts like his associations with Bill Ayers and Rev. Wright. Then again, I'm just a typical white person.

Eowyn said...

The contempt I feel for the "speaker" cannot be measured on any instrument.

Notice this -- most polls show Congress' approval rating at 17 to 20 percent. Versus George Bush's rating of 30-plus.

So ... how much has the speaker of the House done? Hmm?

A Missourian said...

If the House GOP continues to hammer Madam Speaker and the Democrats over Oil drilling and the global warming fantasy, I think we can gain seats. Of course, John McCain's probably going to do his best to drive down conservative voter turn out.