Monday, August 25, 2008

Democrats Find Wool, Attempt to Pull Over Eyes

The Democrat National Convention opened up last night with. . . prayer! That's right, the godless secularists aren't actually godless at all, why they're just like the typical mid western voter. Blessings will open and close each night, (I can feel Michael Moore wince. Seriously. He caused a small earthquake) plus there will be "panels and parties run by Democratic-leaning religious advocacy groups that didn't even exist in 2004". Hmm, why did these groups spring into existence over the past four years? Why is the Democrat party suddenly embracing faith? (Well other than faith in global warming, socialism, and the infallibility of Jimmy Carter) "Behind the scenes, efforts to attract the religious vote will concentrate largely on Christian 'values voters.'" Oh, so the Democrats want the "values voter" that supposedly pushed Bush over the edge in 2004. So now all of a sudden the Democrat party has found God, and to prove it to voters, they're going to pray. . . in public! Its almost as if they view religion as a means to an end, this magic force that will sooth the fears of Christian America. That can't be right though. That's way too cynical. If that were true, it would mean that the Democrats view religion as a type of "opiate of the masses" or something. "One reason religion is playing such a prominent role at this week's convention is that Obama has made faith outreach prominent in his campaign." That's better, I forgot Obama had such a strong faith. Jeremiah Wright can testify to that, I wonder when he's slotted to speak? I just hope the brutal campaign season hasn't made Obama bitter, because he's becoming clingy. No date yet for his Ohio hunting trip.


Eowyn said...

Just love how value systems can be put on or taken off at will.

Don't stand for anything, whatever you do. Simply put on the mantle. All will be well.


A Missourian said...

The problem is, some of the idiots among the faithful will buy this hook, line, and sinker. (Yes, Christians can be mindless idiots, see Mike Huckabee)