Thursday, August 14, 2008

We Were Just Joking, the Cold War's Still On

So, apparently Putin has decided to do his best Leonid Brezhnev impression as he seeks to reassert Russian dominance of her traditional satellite states. "Cease fire? F*$% that. We're Russia. Stop snickering Kazakhstan, you're next." Who knew an ex KGB guy would try and reestablish the Soviet Union? Alas, Russia has too many troubles. She can't recreate the old bipolar order the die hard commies miss so much. The economy is in shambles, Putin's cronies are looting whatever wealth there is, and a billion and a half expansionist Chinese are antsy to prove they are the dominant power in Asia. I wouldn't worry about Taiwan as much as I'd worry about resource rich Siberia. But for now, Russia's going to prove that she's still more powerful than Georgia, and unfortunately for Georgia, there's not much the United States can do short of declaring war on Russia. Putin and his ventriloquist dummy Dmitry Medvedev have smartly moved before Georgia could be admitted to NATO, though in doing so, they have confirmed the need for NATO's continued existence as an anti-Russian alliance.

In the end Georgia will be a bit dismembered and NATO will be a bit spooked by the threat of a resurgent Russia displaying her power, and idiot South Ossetians (South Ossetia is the Georgian province Russian is "liberating") will make rediculous statements like this:

"They want to physically uproot us all. . . What other definition is there for genocide?"

I can think of a couple, but that's just me. It looks to be setting up for a hell of a century, Russia should keep one thing in mind though:

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