Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mile High Stadium = Mt. Olympius?

Barry Obama can't be this dumb. Its got to be idiot advisers telling him to do things like accept the Democrat nomination on a stage resembling a Greek temple in Mile High Stadium. Does he think America will be impressed by 80,000 hysterical supporters essentially worshiping him as a demigod in a pagan temple? Does he know what the Greek term hubris means? Does he know he's giving credence to what was originally a rather sophomoric McCain add comparing him to Paris Hilton? Americans will be about as impressed by this stunt as they are by a music video featuring celebrities literally praying to Barry. American's aren't impressed by hysteria. We've all seen video of 17 year old girls screaming for the Beatles, and we all know just about how intelligent 17 year old girls are. That's who your supporters are Barry. Unhinged 17 year old girls. The adults in the room know that rabid popularity (well 46%) isn't necessarily a super quality. Sure it worked for Hitler and Mussolini, but most of their platforms ended up as huge disappointments to the electorate. We're not going to see Greek columns and think "Oh, its just like Kennedy's acceptance speech at the L.A. Coliseum! I'm voting for that guy!" Most Americans are too dumb to see this connection, and those of us who do are smart enough to know when you're insulting our intelligence, no matter how many times the media screams "Obama = JFK!"

This is just a stupid move. You're going to completely alienate Americans who are dumb enough to vote for a Democrat but smart enough to realize when they're being condescended to. You need to kick your god complex Barry, you're not infallible.


Daily Bayonet said...

Obama's grand planned speech in a stadium reminds me of an event in the UK during the 1992 election. Neil Kinnock, and his Labour Party turned off many potential voters with their pomp-rock show and he never recovered, losing both the election and his job.

Could the very man that Biden plagiarized be a foreshadow of something about to befall Obama? Isn't that irony, or something?

The wiki link is here:

A Missourian said...

I think Barry has bought into his own hype. Hopefully his own ego will take him down.

I'm trying to remember, was that against Thatcher or Major? When did he run her out of the party? I'm interested in what your perspective of it is, because looking back on it (I was in 2nd grade in 92) I always thought he destroyed the conservative movement in Britain that Thatcher started and personified.

Daily Bayonet said...

Kinnock lost in '92 to John Major. Maggie was forced out by senior members of her own party after she forced through a deeply unpopular change to local government taxes.

This is only my opinion of course, but the facts are straight. You can't blame Major for Thatcher's demise, in fact its hard to blame anyone - it was just her time to go. In retrospect her legacy was preserved by the manner of her departure, had she lost the election it would have been by a landslide, and that's no way for the Iron Lady to be remembered.

The damage to Maggie Thatcher's legacy came entirely from the Blair government. While I was an admirer of Blair's foreign policy, his domestic agenda was a leftist nightmare.

A Missourian said...

That's actually what I always thought about Blair. I admire him from across the pond, but were I in Britain, I'd probably despise him. (and that was before he forced the EU down Britain's throat, or at least before I noticed)

Daily Bayonet said...

Agreed. I missed most of Blair because I moved to Canada. But looking at what remains of the UK today leaves me no desire to return.

A Missourian said...

Its sad, I always had a soft spot in my heart for the mother country. At least we still remember her fondly in America. Can't say the same for those actually living there. How can you hate your own history? Especially when you're the country that carried the banner of Western civilization for 500 years. Then again, liberal Americans. (sigh) Once we go the way of Britain we're all screwed. When are we going to get on with the Moon colonies already?