Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Its Not That I Hate Hippies, I Just Wish They Weren't Alive

I try and never talk about myself on this blog, as I don't want to bore the 6 people who read it on a regular basis, but I thought I'd relate what just occurred at lunch. I walked down the street to a local restaurant/bar for the spaghetti lunch special, and who should be sitting at the bar, but two hippies. Now despite my love of Janis Joplin, Pink Floyd, and Led Zeppelin, I despise hippies. I think they are vile, fetid, unkempt, wastes of humanity who seek to drag the rest of us down with them. I don't know how any rational, God fearing, patriotic American made it through the sixties without mercilessly beating every one of these peace nick misanthropes he/she/everyone came across.
These particular hippies however, were in the middle of a very public and vulgar fight at the bar during lunch time. I sat down, a few seats away, ordered my food, and politely read the paper without looking their way so as not to reveal my utter contempt. This proved difficult as I became increasingly aware that the boyfriend hippie was the one doing all the yelling as he drank his double bourbon at 1pm. (Get a f#$^ing job) I'm chauvinist enough, that I believe that even an almost subhuman hippie girl doesn't deserve such obscene, public abuse from her boyfriend. Thankfully, as I contemplated the consequences of getting involved --a possible staff infection or maybe a contact high-- the bar tender kicked him out. This just got me thinking about how cruel leftists actually are. For all their holier-than-thou posturing about the environment and war, they can be vicious if you get on their bad side. Greenpeace, PETA, ELF, SDS, the weathermen, all these organizations were born out of the supposedly peaceful hippie movement, and all are violent.

In the end, exactly what I dreaded, happened. The chick hippie started talking to me, thus completely dashing any hopes I had of a peaceful lunch. So I politely ate my food and grunted indifferent answers as she droned on (she was hopped up on something) incessantly until the point where she mentioned that she and her boyfriend were from Pennsylvania on a bike ride to San Francisco and they'd been camping out in St. Charles (where I live/work/blog) for 4 months. I decided I didn't want to notice the smell and threw down a 20 and booked it back to work.

Stay in San Francisco.


Eowyn said...

Eek, AM. Your tale was bad enough, till you got to the part about the hippies being from Pennsylvania.

For the record, I'm sure Pennsylvania's glad to be rid of them. San Francisco can have 'em!

I don't see too many of those types around, but you're right. I didn't see much of that peace and love stuff from the left during the '60s (Democratic Convention, anyone?), and I'm not seeing it now.

Eowyn said...

Disclosure: I'M from Pennsylvania, hence the horror.

A Missourian said...

I think I already knew you were from Penn, isn't it on your site, or maybe you said something about it during "cling-gate", I'm not sure.

The best part is when she showed me the "Hannah Montana" digital camera and asked where she could charge it with her USB cable. I politely explained that the USB cable connected to a computer. She freaked, saying she had no such thing, but I assured her she could have the pictures printed out at Wal Mart. I think she was so relieved that it didn't occur to her that she had to go to the most evil corporate box store of all to print out her hippie pictures of doves or mushrooms or whatever.

Eowyn said...

Ha ha! Yeah :)

Hey -- breaking news. Were you aware of this? (New threat to Harry's Place)


A Missourian said...

I'll take a look at it. I know its important, you know "solidarity", but he can be so ungrateful.

Eowyn said...

Ungrateful, yeah.

If you ask me, though, he only makes himself look like a ... well, whatever. The more so because people like us are willing to stand up for people like him, when the reverse is never true. *Shrug* Let him look bad. It's the principle we're standing up for, and that's glaringly obvious.

On a side note: How about Sarah Palin for VP!