Thursday, August 21, 2008

Is Barry Shaving Points?

Has anyone else noticed that Barry Obama has no idea what he's doing on the campaign trail? The Clinton machine's loss to this guy will go down as one of the biggest blunders in American political history. For a man with a religious following and fawning media coverage, he can't seem to pull away from an uninspiring moderate who is despised by his own base.

As of late, Obama has decided that he needs to hammer McCain on foreign policy and the Iraq war. Smart! Draw attention to the war the media has decided to ignore to your advantage! Obama will lose to McCain on the issue of foreign policy experience every time, because he has none. No matter how Obama paints McCain or spins his own policy positions, in the end all he is doing is drawing attention to McCain's best issues and the successful yet largely ignored war in Iraq. One of Obama's handlers needs to get a hold of him and tell him this is not the Democrats' issue anymore. In 2005, maybe, but not now. That's why the main stream media is ignoring it. I know Obama was crowned a political genius long ago, but he looks like an amateur to me. Also, I don't know who's making decisions on what his staff says in public, but blaming John McCain for the escalation of the Russian invasion of Georgia makes you sound silly. Almost as silly as taking credit for the imaginary cease fire. Someone needs to compile a list modeled on Warmlist that records everything Obama and his supporters have given Barry credit for, or claimed he can do (like lowering the sea level or transforming Mahmoud Ahmadinejad into Gordon Brown).

I don't understand how a campaign can be so inept. Barry should thank his lucky stars that the media is covering for him.

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