Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Don't Worry, Only 100 Million People Saw It

If you're going to go after McCain because he's not sure how many houses his wife owns, at least know what city you're in when you do a video feed to your party's national convention that will be broadcast live on about 50 channels across the country. I know Kansas City and St. Louis are both in Missouri, but they're kind of on opposite ends of the State. I don't think its a major gaffe, He's been campaigning so long, he probably lost track (You've been to one city in Missouri, you've been to them all, right?) but since Barry's campaign has decided to make such an issue out of McCain's age and competence, I think its high time we examined whether or not Barry is senile. He's a socialist after all, that implies he has problems with his higher brain functions.

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