Wednesday, July 23, 2008

But Americans Are Fed Up With Conservatism, Right?

The quarterly earnings of the New York Times have dropped 82% since this time last year. In a related story, I laughed.


Eowyn said...

AM, speaking as a journalist, I can assure you that information is undergoing a radical transformation.

The reason the "dead trees" were able to succeed is because instant fact-checking was heretofore unavailable. Well, now it is.

Hence the pejorative "dead tree" diss. Which they earned.

Some organizations are waking up, but most aren't. They've doomed themselves, and I'm not sorry.

Do this Google: new media public

Information, as we know it -- especially the dissemination thereof -- is REALLY changing.

A Missourian said...

The Gray Lady certainly not what she used to be. Did you know in they published an editorial opposing the new income tax back when the 16th amendment was ratified? My how things have changed.