Monday, July 7, 2008

Ich Bin Ein Conceited Collectivist

Obama may be planning to speak in Berlin. I can already hear the media: "JFK! JFK! He's just like JFK!" Except that he's not. JFK was tough on foreign policy, queasy about Civil Rights, and cut taxes. Sound much like Obama? It won't matter to the media.

There's this bizzar myth about who JFK was that liberals have used to turn him into this statist martyr who would have built the perfect socialist society if only he'd lived. Now they've attached this to Obama. JFK reborn, the messiah back from the grave. Obama for his part seems to be playing right along. I don't know if he's being pragmatic or just incredibly pretentious and arrogant, probably a combination of both.

JFK was certainly no conservative, but he's definitely not Obama. We all - Mr. Obama included - would do well to remember that.

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