Monday, July 21, 2008

Maybe Its Because He Used to Sell Coke?

Here's the difference between Venezuelan President (Uh, Dictator) Hugo Chavez and Colombian President Alvaro Uribe. Chavez claims to be "negotiating" for the release of 15 hostages from Marxist Commie assholes FARC , Uribe rescues them with a bunch of guys wearing Che Guevara shirts just to rub it in. Uribe deserves more press than he gets. Remember Columbia? That South American Country with the historical misfortune of being the perfect place to grow cocaine? The country under siege by drug cartels on one side and commie drug lords on the other? Yeah, Uribe tamed that country. He's rescuing hostages that people had given up for dead. He's killing FARC leaders at a 12th grade level. He's got Hugo Chavez mobilizing troops and running with his tail between his legs to Russia to buy arms.

Its a shame no one (in the press at least) seems to be paying attention. With all seriousness, I believe Uribe getting Columbia under control is the greatest feat of our young century so far. George Bush agrees and wants to reward this struggling country with a Free Trade Agreement. Enter Barry Obama who believes Free Trade is a tool of the devil. In addition to slighting our friendly (if fascistic) neighbors to the north, Barry wants to nix the Colombian agreement which is pending while it awaits congressional approval. If we abandon Colombia just as they get their country out of the mess we helped create (yeah, its our money that fuels Colombia's problems, coke head) it will be a tremendous stain on America's national honor. Barry (that nuanced liberal who has plenty of experience and would never commit a massive foreign policy faux pas just to appease some reactionaries in the AFL) doesn't seem to think so. He doesn't think we should help out the guy who's trying to cut off the coke supply to our kids and welfare recipients. Way to go Barry. You're certainly the new politician we've heard you are. You'd never take the typical, worn out democrat position and refuse to support an anti communist ally.

Barry Obama: Change we can believe in -- unless you're anti communist, then you can go f*** yourself.

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