Monday, July 7, 2008

Guy Fawkes, Where Art Thou?

Britain's death spiral seems to become more pronounced with each passing day. Now a British government sponsored organization has declared that kids who don't like foreign foods are displaying early signs of racism. . . . Seriously. . . . WTF?

I wonder if anyone could have imagined in 1908 when Britain sat astride the world with the greatest Empire the Earth had ever seen, that in a mere century they'd be calling their toddlers racists if they didn't like Thai? This is why I'm generally in favor of less rather than more government. Its usually run by idiot bureaucrats who not only have the gall to tell you how to raise your kids, they call them little racists who need to have that "white guilt" instilled in them extra early.

I don't understand how the entire population isn't up in arms at the daily outrages that come out of those islands. All of Western Civilization seems complacent to go silently into the trash heap of history.


Eowyn said...

A Missourian, as your blog was on Blazing Cat Fur's list, had to take a look -- and wow, it's great! I have GOT to link to your post on this.

As tragic as Britain's downward spiral is, I literally laughed myself silly at this one.

A Missourian said...

yes it is silly, but things like this are coming out of Britain every day. This is already my second post today about British lunacy. I hope Canada wakes up, b/c this is the direction they're heading.

Thanks for the link.

Eowyn said...

More than welcome :o)

I actually fired off a screed to the folks that published that tripe they call "research" -- here's their link --

And you're right. Actually, in us Americans' opinion, Canadians are already loopy with the Maclean's thing -- but Britain has EVERYONE beat, these days.

Really makes you think the inmates just might be running the asylum.

A Missourian said...

I know, its just a little sad to see the mother country (even if we did move out when we were 16) come to this. Most British don't even know/appreciate their history anymore. But that's life. Soon the HMS Nanny State will sink into a sea of bland, neutral, bureaucratic, semi-islamic, EUness. (tear) But if they're going to be rediculous about it, we're going to laugh. I mean baby racists? Come on.